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Shanghai Xuhui district builds a new artificial intelligence highland, with a maximum subsidy of 20million yuan per year for a single project

a maximum subsidy of 20million yuan per year for a single project, providing 1500 social rental houses per year

on December 6, the press conference of "new decade, new water bank, new engine - t plan for the construction of a new artificial intelligence highland in Xuhui District" was held at Shanghai West Bank International artificial intelligence center. In the afternoon of the same day, West Bank Group announced at the press conference that the first batch of enterprises of AI tower had settled in. Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Shanghai and other enterprise representatives, together with leaders of Xuhui District and West Bank Group, participated in the lighting ceremony of the first batch of enterprises settled in the West Bank AI tower

the 2018 World AI conference held in September is the summit held by Xuhui District so far with the highest specification, the most comprehensive main product tensile testing machine and the largest international influence. As the spillover effect of the conference continues to appear, the core competitiveness of Xuhui's artificial intelligence development has been significantly improved

a number of benchmark enterprises gather here. One quarter of the 403 key AI enterprises in the city are in Xuhui, including Internet giants such as Tencent, e-commerce and Xiaomi, international leading enterprises such as Microsoft, Amazon AWS and arm, and unicorn enterprises such as Shangtang technology, Yitu technology and Lianying intelligence. The total output of artificial intelligence in 2018 is expected to reach 21billion yuan, an increase of 30% year-on-year

a number of major platforms have also landed here. Xuhui District has gathered the international Primate Research Center, Shanghai Science and technology innovation resource data center, Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Shanghai and Beijing, which have completed the reconstruction of 10million square meters of old residential areas, Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, etc. the institutions and enterprises will cooperate to carry out key technology research here

a number of application scenarios are laid out here. The construction of application scenarios and demonstration projects such as smart security, "ai+ medical", "ai+ transportation" and "ai+ education" has been launched, and a total of 24 projects have been supported by the Shanghai AI innovation and development project

by hosting this conference, Xuhui had close contact with international top scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, and had in-depth exchanges with a large number of AI enterprises. Therefore, Xuhui formulated and issued the "implementation measures for building a new highland of artificial intelligence development and creating a new engine for Xuhui's high-quality development", namely the "t plan" for the construction of Xuhui's new highland of AI

"t plan" can be summarized in six "t" s: first, top & tomorrow (facing high-end and leading the future), two major visions and goals; Second, tower & Town (AI building and AI town), two strategic carriers; The third is technology & Talent (technological innovation, talent convergence), two core support

"t plan" focuses on four aspects

first, institutional supply. Through institutional supply, Xuhui will become the most suitable experimental field for the development of artificial intelligence, providing an institutional demonstration for the development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai

second, spatial planning, overall planning of carrier resources in the region, giving play to the brand effect of "Cao development", and promoting Xuhui Binjiang artificial intelligence. 2. Synchronous toothed belt planetary deceleration system: drive the lead screw to rotate and load the "No. 1 project" that can integrate development

the third is to gather talents, implement the artificial intelligence high-level talent support plan, and vigorously introduce top scientists, scientific and technological leading talents and high-level innovation teams in the field of artificial intelligence

fourth, application demonstration, focusing on vertical fields such as "ai+ education", "ai+ health", "ai+ elderly care" and "ai+ government affairs", open a number of application scenarios, and encourage more latest achievements and technologies of artificial intelligence to take the lead in Xuhui to "test that the plastic industry is at the back end of the petrochemical industry chain", forming a demonstration case

"t plan" highlights five quantitative policies with gold content

first, "the maximum subsidy for a single project is 20million yuan per year". For major technical research projects that are implemented, the construction unit can be given a subsidy of no more than 50% of the total project investment and no more than 20million yuan per year

the second is "two 1million square meters", that is, the West Bank smart Valley and Beiyang artificial intelligence Town, two 1million square meter carriers

the third is "20 demonstration application scenario projects every year", opening 12 key areas such as smart government, smart comprehensive treatment and smart transportation to enterprises, and promoting the application of artificial intelligence technology in hospitals, schools, administrative service centers and other places

fourth, "five investment funds in artificial intelligence and related fields every year", give play to the guiding role of government investment funds, and encourage social capital to increase investment in the field of artificial intelligence

fifth, "1500 social rental houses per year", build a social rental housing supply and demand platform, and give priority to meeting the housing needs of talents in the field of artificial intelligence

Xuhui District is accelerating the core project of "one port, one valley and one city", namely, the West Bank media port, the West Bank smart Valley and the West Bank Financial City, to build an industrial structure of artificial intelligence, cultural creativity, science and technology finance

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