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New architectural coatings help the development of Shenyang old industrial base

"after the base is completed, the annual output of elevators will reach 50000." On January 6, at the Shenyang Yuanda elevator production base, where the main body has been completed, he Xianwen, chief economist of Yuanda Group, told that this production base, which mainly produces bolint elevator, will become China's largest elevator production base with an annual output value of 10billion yuan after completion

bolint elevator ranks first in the export volume of Chinese local brands and has become a supporting product for the 2012 London Olympic Games project; The sales volume of curtain wall products has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years. The curtain wall projects of foreign landmark buildings such as the Russian Federation building, Abu Dhabi central business square in the United Arab Emirates, Frankfurt air railway center in Germany and so on are all undertaken by Yuanda... In 2009, the advantage of the small panel control system of Yuanda Group lies in the elevator industry and the glass curtain wall industry, which control the experimental machine. While achieving sales of more than 14 billion yuan, It has also become the flagship to promote the transformation and upgrading of Shenyang Tiexi modern construction industry

according to the person in charge of Tiexi District, with the strong debut of new enterprises such as Shenyang Yuanda Group and emerging industries such as integrated multi-functional walls, the construction industry in Shenyang has realized the development from the low end of the industrial chain to the high end, from the production of high energy consuming and resource dependent raw materials to the modern building materials processing products industry, and formed an integrated multi-functional wall as the main body, including steel structures, new waterproof materials, new architectural coatings Composite floor, etc. Nowadays, the manufacturing of ordinary flat glass, glass fiber and refractory materials has successively "made way" and exited from Shenyang Tiexi modern construction Industrial Park

Shenyang Tiexi modern construction Industrial Park has injected development vitality into the construction machinery and building materials equipment manufacturing industry through external introduction and internal connection, asset reorganization, technology upgrading, and independent innovation, so as to optimize the enterprise structure, upgrade the technology and product structure, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. It has formed three major industries, including building materials equipment manufacturing and construction engineering machinery manufacturing, with the lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry as the main body, and has been engaged in high-altitude operation machinery Cement vertical mill and other fields have formed product competitiveness. At the same time, relying on Shenyang Yuanda Group, Shenyang Tiexi elevator industry is booming, with core components and integrated elevator assembly as the main industry, and has rapidly become a new elevator production base in China

industrial clusters have initially taken shape, and rapid expansion has emerged. At present, there are 72 Enterprises above Designated Size in Shenyang Tiexi modern construction Industrial Park, among which Yuanda Group, northern heavy industry group, Sany Heavy equipment and other enterprises that are not too different and occupy the leading position in the industry at home and abroad have formed an industrial leading "fleet" with growth slowing down for four consecutive years, including elevators, curtain walls, large vertical mills, shield machines, man-made panel production lines, fourth generation grate coolers, large stacker reclaimers, large tower cranes A number of advantageous products with high market share and advanced technology at home and abroad, such as road clearing vehicles, road coatings and line drawing machinery, aerial work equipment, road construction and maintenance machinery

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