Prevention of injury in cutting operation

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Prevention of turning operation injury

to prevent turning operation injury, operators should do the following:

(1) wear tight protective clothing, do not open the cuffs, long hair people should wear protective hats, and do not wear gloves during operation

(2) the loading and unloading of the chuck of the machine tool spindle should be carried out after the shutdown, and the chuck cannot be removed with the help of the power of the motor

(3) the protruding parts of the chuck, dial and chicken heart clamp holding the workpiece should use protective covers to avoid stranding clothes or other parts of the body; If there is no protective cover, strictly pay attention to the safety distance during operation

(4) when clamping the workpiece with a center, pay attention to that the center is completely consistent with the center hole, and do not use a damaged or skewed center. Wipe the top and center hole clean before use, and firmly hold the top of the rear tailstock

(5) when turning slender workpieces, the center frame or tool heel should be used, and the part growing out of the lathe should be marked

(6) when turning workpieces with irregular shape, balance blocks should be installed, and cutting processing should be started after trial balancing

(poor compatibility with resin 7) the tool should be firmly clamped. The tool head Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines. The protruding part should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body. The shape and size of the gasket under the knife should be consistent with the shape and size of Caixin told by zouxinping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the tool body Ping mining group and chairman of the labor union. The gasket should be as few and flat as possible

(8) the cut strips should be removed in time with hooks. Ordinary people dare not open chips and spiral chips in doors and windows, and do not pull them out directly by hand. In order to prevent cutting debris from hurting people. Baffles shall be installed in suitable positions

(9) except that the lathe is equipped with measuring tools for automatic measurement during operation, stop to measure the workpiece and move the tool holder to a safe position

(10) when grinding the workpiece with emery cloth, move the cutter to a safe position and be careful not to let hands and clothes touch the surface of the workpiece

(11) when grinding the inner hole, do not support the abrasive cloth with your fingers, but use a wooden stick instead, and the speed should not be too fast

(12) it is forbidden to put tools, fixtures or workpieces on the lathe or spindle gearbox

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