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Prevention of coal pulverizing system explosion and coal dust explosion

1.2 control the outlet temperature of the pulverizer according to the coal type. After the pulverizing system stops running, fully pump the powder from the powder transmission pipeline; If possible, the pulverized coal bunker should be protected by nitrogen or carbon dioxide when it is out of service

1.3 strengthen the coal quality analysis and coal blending management of burning coals, and inform the operators of burning coals that are prone to spontaneous combustion as soon as possible, so as to strengthen monitoring and patrol, and deal with abnormalities in time

1.4 when the temperature in the powder bin is found to be abnormally high or spontaneous combustion is confirmed in the powder bin, the fire extinguishing system should be put into operation in time to prevent the explosion of the powder bin caused by spontaneous combustion

1.5 according to the structural characteristics of the powder bin, when it should be activated, it will reflect infrared light in different paths; The switch can be realized by changing the humidity or applying acetic acid vapor. Sufficient powder bin temperature measuring points and temperature alarm devices can be set, and they can be verified regularly

1.6 impact testing machine refers to the material testing machine that applies impact experimental force to samples and conducts impact tests. When designing the pulverizing system, the horizontal pipe section of the pulverizing system should be minimized. The pulverized coal bunker should be tight, the inner wall should be smooth, and there should be no dead corners of powder accumulation. The explosion resistance should meet the requirements of the regulations

1.7 the connection between the hot air duct and the pulverizing system, as well as the connection between the inlet and outlet bellows of the pulverizer, should reach the explosion-proof strength specified in the explosion-proof regulations

1.8 strengthen the inspection and management of explosion-proof doors, and the explosion-proof film should have sufficient explosion-proof area and specified strength. For the flame and high-temperature gas emitted after the explosion-proof door acts at the end, change the discharge direction or take other isolation measures. To avoid endangering personal safety, damaging equipment and burning cables

1.9 regularly check the warehouse wall. Please take out the spare fuse and install it. Then the steel plate can be lined to strictly prevent the wear and leakage of the patch plate and the spontaneous combustion of powder accumulation in the interlayer. Each overhaul of the pulverized coal bunker should be cleared, and the tightness of the bunker and whether there is a dead corner should be checked, especially pay attention to whether there is a dead corner of powder accumulation at the position where the KK girder of the bunker roof is placed

1.10 the moisture absorption pipe of the powder bin and the auger should be intact, and the pipe should be unobstructed. The powder bin should maintain an appropriate negative pressure during operation

1.11 after the pulverized coal explosion accident of the pulverizing system, it is necessary to find the ignition point of accumulated powder and take targeted measures to eliminate and accumulate powder. If necessary, the pipeline can be modified

2 prevent coal dust explosion

2.1 eliminate the dust leakage points of the pulverizing system and coal handling system, and reduce the concentration of pulverized coal. When a large amount of pulverized coal is discharged or cleaned, open fire shall be avoided to prevent coal dust explosion

2.2 there should be fire-fighting facilities and special fire-fighting equipment near the pulverized coal bunker, pulverizing system and coal handling system. The water source of the fire-fighting system should be sufficient and the water pressure should meet the requirements. The fire-fighting facilities should be kept in good condition and tested regularly (the extinguishing agent should not enter the powder bin during the test)

2.3 the tightness test shall be conducted before the pulverized coal bunker is put into operation. If the tightness test has not been conducted when the infrastructure is put into operation, the air leakage test shall be conducted again. If there is air leakage and powder leakage in the development strategy, it shall be eliminated in time

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