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Prevention measures for light pollution at the construction site

arc welding, abbreviated as (electric welding) in the production process of steel components for pipeline welding at the construction site, due to the neglect of protection and prevention, it has caused great harm to people for a long time, which stimulated eyeballs, pain, strong light injured the skin, reddening, burning, peeling, so that the construction personnel were afraid to operate, so that they were perfunctory to avoid radiation and ignored the process Quality of workpiece. In view of the above situation, the department formulates preventive measures according to the actual situation and many years of operation experience, and hopes that all projects can refer to and implement them

I. hazard problems

1. Construction personnel cause damage to human skin and eyes, and even have impaired vision and permanent disability

2. Indirect pollution, injury to construction personnel of similar disciplines

3. Light pollution radiation greatly affects the normal rest of residential and commercial areas

4. Safety accidents are easy to happen when working overtime at night, flickering and quenching, and the eyes of construction personnel are blurred, including routine, multidimensional or parallel analysis operations and walking in dangerous parts

II. Cause analysis

III. preventive measures

1. Operators and welders should receive special operation training and pass the examination

2. Welders and direct operators wear white long clothes, sealed collars, sealed sleeves, white trousers and leather shoes to prevent radiation

3. Cold workers, hydraulic workers and electricians should learn personal protection, coordinate the side of spot welding, and avoid welding

4 silver rubber chrysanthemum natural rubber, set movable screen, and close the fence

5. Centralized processing and welding in the room, and the construction site should avoid welding when personnel are concentrated

6. Adopt tooling and die for fixed welding, and the operator shall avoid it

7. Have an impact on residential houses. Set up a light barrier on the radiation surface of the signing place of Jinan assaying Dutch customers

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