Prevention measures for common quality problems of

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Prevention and control measures for common quality problems of line engineering

1. style objective

in order to further improve the quality of transmission line engineering, the differentiation, main body and prevention of common quality problems that can be presented in this project are to see whether the workmanship of torque tester is an internal accessory of solid torque tester equipment. If we can't check it, we can understand the method, and guide this project to stop effectively controlling common quality problems during construction, The measures are formulated to prevent and control common quality problems of keV transmission line projects and standard transmission line projects

2. Style according to

⑴ requirements and technical measures for the prevention and control of common quality problems in power transmission and transformation projects of State Grid Corporation of China

[jjq (2010) No. 19]

⑵ selection style of excellent power transmission and transformation projects of State Grid Corporation of China (2008 Edition)

⑶ implementation and handling procedures for mandatory provisions of support standards for power transmission and transformation projects (q/gdw)

⑷ construction and acceptance standards for 110 ~ 500kV overhead power transmission lines (GB)

(5) Acceptance standard for construction quality of concrete layout engineering (GB)

(6) code for design of common ratio of plain concrete (JGJ)

(7) general Portland cement (GB)

8) standard for water use in concrete (GBJ)

9) standard for quality and inspection methods of sand and stone for plain concrete (JGJ)

10) code for construction quality and evaluation of 110kV ~ 500kV overhead power line engineering (dl/t)

11 Code for welding and acceptance of steel bars (JGJ)

(12) guidelines for construction technology management of power support projects of State Grid Corporation of China

(Guodian [2003] No. 153)

⒀ assessment system for up to standard production of power transmission and transformation projects of State Grid Corporation of China (2005 version)

(including but not limited to the above standards, and the latest version)

3. Project supporting unit

project legal person: Anhui Electric Power Company

supporting unit: MAANSHAN power supply company

design unit: Anhui Electric Power Design Institute

supervision unit: Anhui Electric Power Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd.

construction unit: Anhui power transmission and Transformation Engineering Company

planned construction period: June 2010, Completed in February 2011

4. The project quality objective

ensures the implementation and smooth implementation of the engineering design criteria, meets the requirements of the national construction acceptance standards and the good grade standard of quality assessment procedures, and ensures that the project is handed over without defects and put into production after reaching the standard

ensure completion at the same time:

⑴ the qualification rate of subdivisional works is 100%; The good rate of divisional works is 100%; The good rate of unit project is 100%

⑵ root out serious qualitative changes and quality management changes

5. Responsibilities

5.1 the chief engineer of the project shall organize the preparation of the prevention and control measures for common quality problems, which shall be implemented after being submitted to the supervision unit for review and approved by the supporting unit

5.2. The testing unit of raw materials and semi-finished products should be a third-party experiment certified by the quality supervision agency of power support engineering. 2) defects or damage caused by the use of this product under abnormal and unconventional conditions; The third-party laboratory where the laboratory stops testing or is approved by the supervision unit and reported to the quality inspection agency for filing. Raw materials and semi-finished products that have not been retested or fail to pass the retest shall not be used for project construction. The witness sampling system shall be implemented for experimental detection. When taking new data, in addition to the product certificate and valid new data identification certificate, the required experiment should also be stopped

5.3. The construction of recording, collecting and clearing the prevention and control of common quality problems has the relevant data such as fast running methods, technical disclosure and buried acceptance

5.4. According to the approved measures for prevention and control of common quality problems of 220kV dangfan line and houfang Huapu (Ma'anshan) transformer disconnection line project, stop technical disclosure to the construction staff and ensure that the measures are in place

5.5. The prevention and control measures for common quality problems of professional subcontracting projects shall be implemented by the subcontractor, the general construction contractor for review, the supervision unit for review, and the supporting unit for approval

5.6 after the completion of the project, the general contractor shall seriously fill in the "summary of prevention and control tasks for common quality problems of 220kV dangfan line and houfang flower garden (MA still needs to carefully listen to everyone's opinions at present in Anshan) substation disconnection line project", see Annex 1

6. Prevention and control measures for common quality problems of transmission line engineering

6.1 prevention and control of common problems through retesting

6.1.1 the location of the tower shall be suitable for the plane and section requirements of the construction drawing. Review the safe interval between the primary surpassing objects, and inform the design unit of the newly added surpassing objects in time for verification

6.1.2 the target pile, corner pile and middle pile of pole and tower of the line mark must be poured and sheltered with concrete standard (length 200, width 200, depth 150mm) to prevent throwing away and moving

6.2 prevention and treatment of common problems in fundamental pit division and excavation

6.2.1 under special geological conditions (such as quicksand, muddy water, rice fields, mountains, etc.), the middle pile of the tower should be led out before excavation, and the auxiliary pile should adopt reliable shelter methods. After the completion of fundamental casting, the middle pile of the tower must be restored

6.2.2 when excavating the foundation pit, a special person should be assigned to check the depth of the basic pit and measure it in time. The error of the pit depth should be controlled within the range of +100mm ~ -50mm to prevent the appearance of ultra deep or shallow excavation

6.2.3 stop the next process in time after the excavation of the foundation pit is completed. When there is a rainy climate, the pouring can be stopped only after the ponding and slime in the pit are cleaned

6.3 prevention and control of fundamental displacement and modification

6.3.1 before the excavation of the fundamental pit, the secondary review of the fundamental intermediate pile should be stopped, and a stable auxiliary pile position should be set to confirm the accuracy of the pile position and the accuracy of the orientation of each fundamental leg

6.3.2 after the completion of the basic formwork, before and during the casting, the orientation of the basic formwork and foundation bolts should be checked many times to ensure their accuracy

6.3.3 when there is ponding in the foundation pit, the water should be drained before backfilling, and then the surrounding areas should be evenly filled and tamped, and the fundamental displacement should be checked at any time

6.4 prevention and treatment of common concrete quality problems

6.4.1 strictly control the marketing of raw materials and the quality of incoming materials during construction. Sand, stone and cement shall obtain the inspection statement issued by the laboratory with talent to take care of them; The design common ratio issued by a talented laboratory should be obtained before concrete construction

6.4.2 the curing premise of the basic test block should be the same as the secret of the basic curing base. The equivalent curing age can be taken as the age corresponding to the daily average temperature reaching 600 ℃ D, and the age of 0 ℃ and below is not included; The equivalent curing age should not be less than 14d, nor should it be greater than 60d

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